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Ana Creusa Breaux: Ironman Maryland 2015 Race Report

Ironman Maryland 2015 Race Report

Why did I choose IMMD 2015? I wanted to try another Ironman before I get too old. I haven’t done one since 2009 in Wisconsin and I absolute hated the hills, so I wanted to try a flat course. IM number 4 for me since Florida in 2006, Brazil in 2008 and Wisconsin in 2009.

Since I was just having fun since 2009 and not training for any serious race, I felt the need to hire a coach. My friends recommended coach Val and I hired her in October 2014. My main goal was to find the balance between work and doing all the workouts and staying injury free. Lots of frustration and challenges to get all the equipment and gadgets working. Mission accomplished. No injuries. I felt ready to embrace another Ironman. Before I knew it I was in taper mode.

I was counting down each work out. I was looking forward to not having to train. Finally it was race week and time to pack up and drive to Maryland.

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