Message from the President


In September of 2005, a small group of local triathletes decided to form a local club focusing on triathlons and triathlon training.  There were other triathlon clubs in central Illinois: Bloomington and Springfield but none in the Peoria area.  From that evolved the Peoria Triathlon Club.  Our main focus is to help each other become better triathletes.  We have organized indoor triathlons on several occasions which we feel is a great way for people to experience their first triathlon.


There are many other local “activity” clubs which we support and are members of.  We strongly believe in a “cross pollination” of membership with these groups because they have some excellent training programs.  We don't compete with them with respect to their training programs, we just support them and participate with them.  More information about these groups can be found on the “Local Info” tab.


The one area where we do offer some specific training programs is in the area of swimming.  Many triathletes come from either running or biking backgrounds but have little or no swimming experience.  We have tried to help in this area by offering a winter swimming program.  Over the years the program has moved around but it's current home is the Central Pool in Peoria.  The club underwrites the expense of paying for coaches and members are only charged a nominal expense for use of the pool.  This isn't a Master's swim program but it's structure is very close.  The coaches put together workouts and assist everybody by working to improve each individual's swim technique.


Please consider becoming a member of the Peoria Triathlon Club.


Rich Giebelhausen



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